Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Duo-color big bow with wire curlies!

So after I did the first one I thought it would be cool to do another version with the top color being shorter.
So on this one, I started with one piece about 10-12 in folded in half long ways (white), and two pieces the same length stuck to to each other (black)

I decided to do a zigzag design on both

In and out stitches, pull tight to crinkle!

For some reason it ended having a very big hole in the center, so a button was necessary.

I put three long pieces through the two holes, making 6 all together.

The curling part is pretty fun, sometimes painful, I've just best using whatever is handy, but you can use just about anything, I've been favoring this chopstick, it's the perfect size.  Just wind it around till you get to the base.

Do the same thing for all pieces, then arrange the way you want, oh also backing and a clippy or headband and you're done!

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