Saturday, April 16, 2011

Tie-Dye Virgin!

So I maybe did tie dye once in 4th grade but mostly with the teachers help, and I saw this tutorial on Vitamin C the other day for tie-dye in a jar and it looked pretty amazing, I'm deff gonna be trying that.  While I'm searching for the right size jars, I purchased some white T-shirts and I've had some fabric dye for a while that I've been needing to use, so I decided I could do some regular tie-dye.  So I watched a few vids on youtube (Wolfechos was pretty amazing)  and got started.  I prewashed yesterday planning on actually doing it after, but time got away from me and I just went ahead and put it off for today.  I just poured some vinegar in on a small cycle in my machine, I read a lot of different prewash instructions, all pretty conflicting, but most say not to use detergent on the first wash, and I had some vinegar and figured it wouldn't hurt, but it does seem pretty important that you do prewash your fabric.
Rubber Gloves
Powder fabric dye, and I suppose you could you liquid also, I'm not sure, this is Dylon, I don't know much about it, it was given to me, but it's from Hobby Lobby
Squeeze bottles, one per color is ideal but I made do with 2
Rubber bands, different sizes
White cotton things, I used 2 shirts and some panties :)
Washable marker (optional)

So pretty much everything has said to prepare your dye first, I started with blue and red, there weren't mixing instructions for bottles so I just kinda went with my gut and eyeballed it, about a 1/4 a packet of dye with a cup of warm water and 1 TBS of salt, hopefully it turns out alright.

I HATE WHITE PANTIES!  These came in one of those 6 packs you know and have been living in the back of my underwear drawer till an occasion such as this came about.  Also, they've never been worn, I feel I should say that, lol.

I saw something on how to make a heart deisgn, so I thought the panties would be good for that, I'm not sure if it will be on both sides, but I deff wanted it on the back.  You need to fold in the middle and use a washable marker to draw a half heart.

So you go on the line you drew and start accordian folding, you know in and out.

Once you fold to the other end of the line, it should make a semi-straight line.

Rubber band over the line.

I just did a few more rubber bands all the way down.

I only ever knew of a couple of different way to tie-dye, I'm glad I researched before hand.  This is a spinning one, you should have a flat surface you can walk around, I used a TV tray table (whatever you call them).

Where you start is where the middle of the design will be I'm pretty sure, I started first off to the side.

So you pinch and start walking around the table, making spirally type folds.
Mine doesn't look as great as others, but it's my first time, I'm sure it gets easier, I actually started over in the center on this one.

I tried to rubber band around the outside of my bundle but it just wasn't working out so I did it like this, which I'm pretty sure serves the same purpose.  Time to dye, don't forget your gloves!
I dyed in the sink, not the best idea, but again, trial and error.  This is the panties, it was hard to take pictures as I went, but you get the idea. 

I went ahead and used the red and blue first on the shirt, I'm pretty sure you can do pretty much anything as far as pattern goes, on this on I decided on pie pieces.  After, I flipped and did the other side, trying to do the same thing.  I had a lot of each left so I mixed them, hoping for a pretty purple.

The purple looks kinda like a melted grape popsicle, I'm ok with that, lol, I also did yellow, flip and finish up the other side.  These colors look promising, I'm pretty excited.

The guy I got most of the tips from says to bag them for a few days to let them set up, I don't think I can wait that long, but at least 24 hrs for sure.  Stay tuned for the results!

Also, on a completely unrelated note, look at this tiny tiny cup, it was smoothie sample Friday at Mcdonalds, the smoothie sucked (strawberry banana, but this cup made me all kinds of happy!


  1. Mini Cup!!!! yay! and I can't wait to see the finished results!!!!!

  2. Me too! I keep wanting to rinse them now, it's been like 3 hrs lol, but I suppose waiting might make things better!