Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Free Stuff, Duct Tape Wallet, and New Bows!

Just about to go to bed but I want to try and post once a day, and I had a few things to share.  Went out tonight to see my friends Matt and Joey play at a local open mic night, they did good and we had a good time.  Anyways, moving on...
So I love free stuff, who doesn't right, it's amazing!  I been signing up for a while but sometimes I will slack off for a couple weeks but then it makes me sad when there is no free stuff in my mailbox at least a couple of times a week, this is what I've gotten this week.  Some Purina One dog food, I don't have any animals living with me but I have friends that do, also, I'll pretty much sign up for anything, I'm a fiend!  Dove for Men body wash and mini deodorant, I'm so using this for myself because it smells amazing.  Mio Water Enhancer, I was shocked to get a full size sample, I haven't tried it yet but it's Strawberry Watermelon, sounds yumm.  My most favorite, these awesome Luggage Tags from KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, you can upload your own pictures and put in any info you want on it, you get two of the same, very cool.  When I signed up for them it was one of those things that I had no intentions of actually recieving them, I thought too good to be true, I was extremely happy when I opened it up!
My first attempt at a duct tape wallet, I also used cardboard to make it stiff because I wanted to make a girl wallet, I still have to add a little Velcro bc it wont stay closed it's too thick. 

The inside I'm most proud of I like the card holder part, it was actually less complicated than I thought, I even put plastic in the id part!  I didn't go by anything I just looked at some pictures and went to town, it turned out pretty good I think.

Me and Hollie (follow her!)are some bow making bitches, I finished these up tonight.  I love the big one, I experimented with using some craft wire and beads in the center, pretty awesome!

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  1. I think I'm in love with the one with three!! I'm making one!