Monday, February 11, 2013

Walking Dead and Wen

Soooo.... any Walking Dead Fans out there, I was a little disappointed by the premiere last night, basically Darryl (my future husband) left the group and Rick is continuing to be cray cray, that's about it, wtf, I'm sure there's tons of drama in store, I love this show!!!
I got this little zombie out of a crane machine at the Wal-mart, isn't he cute, lol.  Also, not a great shot of the nails, but it's Sinful Colors in Savage, it's a super awesome teal blue, LOVE, then some of the new Pure Ice glitters I think in It's Complicated and Dazzle Me, there was a huge display at Walmart, I'm glad they finally came out with some new colors.

Ok so enough of that, onto the real reason I wanted to post today.  I've been wanting to try Wen for the longest time, I've been seeing it on the informercials and QVC for years.  I actually tried the Hair One from Sally's, it's a cheaper alternative and I liked it for a few uses and then discontinued it to a shave cream.  I tend to get bored with hair products, and even though I think it will also happen with Wen, I still had to try it, so I ordered off the website.  It was a 29.95 deal,no shipping, that included the cleansing conditioner and free gifts.  I ordered it I think the 31st of Jan. and received it this Saturday morning, I was so excited I had to wash my hair right then, even though it was clean.
The Products:
Ok so, this is what I received, (from left to right) Sweet Almond Mint Anti-Frizz Styling Cream, Volumizing Root Lift, Replenishing Treatment Mist, SIXTHIRTEEN Ultra Nourishing Cleansing Treatment, and the Cleansing Conditioner, they all smell very good.  I think it's a pretty good deal  for 30 dollars, if it's as amazing as it's supposed to be.  The gifts I got are not the same as the ones I was promised, but I'm ok with it.
The Wash:
So I had to use it immediately, I was already dressed so I just did the hang over the bathtub wash with the detachable shower head.  So my hair is pretty long, it recommends 24-32 pumps for long hair, pssshhhh, that's like half the bottle, so I pumped out 10, which looked like a good amount, and added 2 pumps of the SIXTHIRTEEN bc you're supposed to add it in.  It's...different, like trying to scrub conditioner onto your scalp, but the massage is supposed to be the essential part I think, so I massaged for a minute and let it set for 2 minutes more, finger-combing it through.  It felt like I rinsed forever, my hair did feel pretty good wet, I also added a pump of conditioner as a leave in after I rinsed. 
The Style:
I towel dried for a minute, added the replenishing mistand styling cream, and normally I would let it dry natural, but I had to go out, so I had to blow dry, I tried to use a big round brush for a mo but it just nevers works for me like they do at the salon, so I just did my normal thing and got it all dry, it looked pretty good aside from a little frizz, but that's just what happens when I blow dry, it died down pretty fast though, and it was soooo shiny.  I also threw in some of the root lift powder, just to use it all once, I didn't feel like it did much though.
The Wear:
I couldn't really capture it well in a picture, this one is a little blurry.  A couple hours in, it looked amazing, like really amazing and for the rest of the day as well, I got a few compliments on how good  my hair looked.  You're supposed to be able to go longer without washing with Wen, I usually go every other day with my regular shampoo.  On day 2 it still looked and felt pretty good, but I didn't want it in my face, so I did a side braid, but I think it would've been ok down again.  Today is day 3, I was hoping I could go 3 days, but it's not feeling so great, not as greasy as it normally would on day 3, but still, pretty gross.
The Verdict:
So, I think I'm gonna use Wen as my weekend product, bc I work in a dirty warehouse all week with my hair up and I feel like it would be a waste, and it will last me longer that way too.  When you order this package, you get put on subscription so if you don't call and cancel they take it out of your account every month with shipping, and continue to send you more.  I'm going to cancel it, I like it, but I know I can't commit, I've read a lot of reviews that they give you a hard time about cancelling, then continue to harass you after, so we shall see what happens.  Update! So I just called to cancel and the only thing is that I couldn`t understand anything they were saying, it was loud and overloading the whole time.  She kept trying to get me to continue ordering but I was firm on cancelling finally she asked for my email for confirmation on cancelling and said goodbye, I havent recreceived an email yet so i don`t know.

Thanks for reading!

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Long Time No Post

Wow, it's been forever, but I really want to get back into the blog thang!  I acrtually want to try and start selling things that I make, perhaps online or locally, I'm not sure, and I don't know how to get started, suggestions welcome!

I've actually been on a crochet kick since before Christmas, here are a couple projects I've done recently.

Super cute potholder I just whipped up for a friend's apartment warming.  It's 2 strands of cotton yarn, and I did sc, sk 1, ch 1, this picture seems very blurry, but I've really been trying to wing stuff and do my own thing instead of only follow patterns.

 This is actually a pattern I found at Rheatheylia called The Lattice Hat, so cute, she has other super cute patterns also, check them out!  I made this for myself, I love that yarn, but it's just so thick I don't like the way it looks on, I made one for my dad and he loves it.  Also, the hook suggestion made a smaller hat, I used I and H for this one, but I crochet pretty tight.

 I jumped on the Sashay bandwagon as well, I made this for my cousin, I'll put up a tutorial soon.

 So these gorgeous infinity scarfs are from All About Ami, she also has tons of super cute patterns, for free of course.  These are 2 strands of regular 4 ply acrylic yarn with a k hook I believe.  I saw the pattern and had to make it right then, but I didn't have any super bulky, so I improvised.  The grey is the pattern exactly, the off white is skinnier and a bit longer. 

 I did make a super bulky one eventually, it's so big and luxurious, it cost about 11 bucks to make, and I don't love the color on me as much as I thought, but I'm still wearing it!  See how much bigger it is than the regular yarn, I love it.

I'm so addicted to making these, they're so easy and pretty fast, like a few hours.  I made this teal one for a friend, it's a bit skinnier and longer like the off white one.

Here's the teal one on, I need one of these also, the two strands of 4 ply give it a little more structure, the super bulky just kind of oozes onto your shoulders, I love them both!

So I've been trying to blog with my tablet, it's an Asus Transformer, and I can write and everything, but I can't upload pictures, it takes great pictures, I'm very upset about it, anybody blog from a tablet??????

That's all for now, thanks for reading, bye guys!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Flaming Fun!

So I'm in love love love with Mod Podge, I've been using it for all kinds of projects, today I covered some lighters! 
So I bought a 5 pack of regular Bics for about $3, and a 3 pack of minis for $2, you will also need scrapbook pages (or any paper really, newspaper, comics, or candy wrappers would be cool), Mod Podge, scissors, ruler, plain paper, and a pencil

So measure the lighter top to bottom, I forgot to remember the measurements, my b, to get the distance around, I just used some scrap paper, cut it the top to bottom length, then cut it with a little overhang as a template for the regular and the mini.  Cut out the square from your fancy paper of choice.

Check and make sure it fits.

Put on a generous layer of Mod Podge 

Slowly wrap around your lighter, then paint a little more Mod Podge on the end to glue it down as well.

Another layer of MP to seal it in, now let dry, till it's clear.

Be careful when placing your paper, to avoid this tragedy :( 

Dry, and all done, your very own custom lighter, super easy!

Trip Pics!  I finally found the ones from my camera!

Our tiny tiny room (aka our "cell"), that's one of my cellmates, my cousin Chase, we made him sleep on the sketchy top bunk!

Most ridiculous bathroom ever, the shower was half this size!

Fancy dinner, we were all very out of place!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Throw Some Glitter Make It Rain!

So, I kind of always love when a project fails but turns into something better!  So anyways I ended up with the Mod Podge out, and somehow, the glitter snuck out as well.  I have this wallet that is so fabulously red glittery, like Dorothy's slippers!  My friend Carmela loved it, and she needs a new wallet so I decided to try and recreate it.
So this is the old ugly granny wallet!

This is the look I want to achieve, so sparkly!

I so love Mod Podge, expect many more projects!

So I thought of a few different methods, but I researched and discovered you can add glitter straight into your MP, so I wanted to see how that turned out!  I used one of those medicine measurement cups to mix, and just kept adding glitter till I thought it was enough.

So, it was extra glittery, I just painted it on and let it dry.

This is one coat, glittery, but deff not what I wanted, I decided to paint over it again with plain MP and then sprinkle glitter onto wet MP, let dry, shake off excess glitter, then do another think layer to seal it all in.

So here is my finished project, copy cat on the right, one I bought on the left (Rue 21).  I had trouble capturing how glittery they are with my camera, but it turned out pretty amaze, except it doesn't have that super glossy look, and you can see the snake/croc skin design still.  All in all I'm pretty happy with it, hope Mela likes it!

My new fav hairstyle!  Waterfall french!
Trip pics!
I'm very upset that the pictures I took are missing, these are from my mom's camera!

This is our ship, The Monarch Of The Sea, it was huge!

Lighthouse we passed pulling into Nassau, Bahamas.

Fruit Daiquiri  in a Pineapple, yum!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Long time no post! Apple Dump Cake!

It's been like 23274739 years since I posted something so much stuff has happened that I can't even write about it all.  Anyways, I went on a vacay at the end of May for about a week, we went to Florida then a cruise to The Bahamas.  It was a pretty good trip, but I was so glad to be home, I'll try and post some pics.  When I say we, I'm referring to my granny, my momma, and myself, on our way down we met up with my granny's sister then to her other sister's, and my cousin and her son in Augusta, then we all went to Sanford and stayed a few days, then got on the boat.  So...on to my reason for posting, Apple Dump Cake, my cousin in Florida made us one with pineapples and blueberries, it was amazing, and sounded super duper easy, so I thought I can do that!
So, I used 2 cans of apple pie filling, I'm pretty sure it will work with any pie filling or fruit, but I love apple!
I spread it out in a glass baking pan, I'm not sure the measurements, but I'm sure any pan would work.
One box of yellow cake mix, again, I think you could use any flavor, I'm interested to try different combos.
Sprinkle the whole package of cake mix over your fruit filling, the flash kind of washed it out, but it's just loosely sprinkled, don't pack it down.
Last ingredient, the recipe I found said one stick of butter melted but after I poured it on, it didn't look like enough, so I ended up using 2 sticks.
Pour as evenly as possible on top of your cake mix, it really looks like too much butter.
Bake at 350 to 375 till crisp and golden brown, it didn't turn out very pretty but it was delicious!  I felt like it took forever for it to crisp, perhaps I used too much butter, next time I'll try with less, still worked out pretty good!

Trip Pics!!!!
Me and my momma when we finally got into Florida!

It's wwwaaayyy hotter than Georgia

But they have free OJ!

And there's palm trees EVERYWHERE!
That's all for now, yay for finally posting!


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Duo-color big bow with wire curlies!

So after I did the first one I thought it would be cool to do another version with the top color being shorter.
So on this one, I started with one piece about 10-12 in folded in half long ways (white), and two pieces the same length stuck to to each other (black)

I decided to do a zigzag design on both

In and out stitches, pull tight to crinkle!

For some reason it ended having a very big hole in the center, so a button was necessary.

I put three long pieces through the two holes, making 6 all together.

The curling part is pretty fun, sometimes painful, I've just best using whatever is handy, but you can use just about anything, I've been favoring this chopstick, it's the perfect size.  Just wind it around till you get to the base.

Do the same thing for all pieces, then arrange the way you want, oh also backing and a clippy or headband and you're done!