Monday, April 25, 2011

Duo-color duct tape bow!

Before I start I just noticed this yesterday and felt I needed to share.
I have Old Navy flip flops in just about every color they make it seems like, and I like to coordinate my outfits.  When I come home I just take them off wherever it feels right, and this is no joke how this happened, I feel like a crazy shoe lady!

So this is pretty much exactly like the other ones, but with two pieces so you can actually see the two different colors.
I started with two pieces about 12 in, which actually could've been shorter but worked out fine.

Fold them both in half long ways.

Get your needle loaded with similar color thread, and put the two together, folded sides at the top, begin sewing at the opposite side.

Same old thing, in and out stitches!

Pull tight to begin crinkling.

Arrange the way you want it, I put a couple of dots of glue to keep it in place.

Glue your backing to the duct tape, clip to your backing!

Choose something for your center, I've been wanting to use this one for a while, this didn't turn out exactly like I pictured it, but still pretty cute!

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