Thursday, April 21, 2011

Necklaces and Bows and Tie-Dye OH MY!

Had a nice April 20th, went to see 11KINGS12 play an open mic night, went to hang at Hatchet Hollie's place of residence for a few, good times, even if we did have to endure lame-o video games.

So I was in an extra crafty mood today, I got up at 8 o'clock and haven't even had a nap!

Made some new guitar pick pendants 

 Here's the backs, on the green one, I tried using only one pick and I used 1 less set of links.

I made a bunch of bows!  The Duct tape ones I made last Thursday but I finished them today and all the others are just ribbon which I haven't tried till now, thanks to Hollace, it's exactly the same process as the duct tape one, just with ribbon, I love them!

I made this one by accident and decided it should be a ring, I used elastic and felt to attach, and glued the rhinestone thing in the center!

So I got a lot of compliments on my shirts and a couple of requests :)
These were supposed to be Blue, Green, and Grey, I couldn't find grey dye so I figured just a little black dye would work (WRONG!)  It looks more navy blue or even purple than anything, but I still like it, also I did a little different design on this one.

On this one, I ran out of green dye and it was very light, so I thought I could add a tiny bit of black, which went a really long way and made it this olivey green color, which I'm not that upset about, I thought it was gonna be bad but when I opened them up and washed them out, it was still pretty fantastic!


  1. Ohhh myyy gawd! that's so effin' awesome!! I want to do this right now!!!