Tuesday, March 1, 2011

More Crackle and a tragedy!

So I went to open my Lightening Bolt last night and this happened!
Disaster!  I've never had this happen before and it made me very upset. 

It got all over my favorite pants, and that's almost impossible to get out.
Anyways I wrote China Glaze and I'm gonna see about getting a replacement from Sally's.

So, this was my mani, I did alternating Black On Black and Snow Me White, then Neon Melon On the white.  Then the Black Mesh on the crazy yellow and after the bottle incident I put the Lightening Bolt on the black because I figured it was my last chance to use it if I can't get a replacement.  I think I'll do one more crackle mani before moving on, I just want to do something different this time, still considering.


  1. So sorry that happen to you . Hope they give you a replacement

  2. Love it!! and I'm glad you got a new one!!