Friday, March 25, 2011

Guitar Pick Pendant tutorial!

Finally I got around to making a tutorial for this, so fun, a little tedious, but worth it!  I actually got this from a jewelry magazine my papaw gave me called Art Jewelry.
First, get some picks, 3 is a good amount, bc your gonna stack them, 2 pretty ones for the outsides and the other it doesn't really matter unless your outside ones are clear like mine, so I used this white shell one, it made a cool effect.  I just had these that I've collected, but I'm really excited to go to Guitar Center to get some cool ones.

This is the string I had, it's braiding cord, it's actually a little thinner than the kind used on the one I got this project from, so I doubled up and it worked out good, but any size that will fit through the loops will do.  I got this from Walmart last year they have all different colors, I'm thinking it was about 3 dollars.

These I got from Walmart $2, just some jump rings, three different sizes, in this I used the two smaller ones.
Also, I used Needle Nose Pliers and scissors.
So In total  that's 66 of the smallest, I believe they are 3mm, and 22 of the medium ones, 4mm.  I also used 2 more of the 4mm at the end to tighten it up.
Ok so start by making a chain 11 4mm rings with 2 3mm rings in between each, 22 in all.

Then connect to make a loop.

Make two of these.

To make things easier, I went ahead and opened all the remaining 3mm rings.
 I found holding them this way makes things easier.

Now connect the two loops together at the 4mm rings with 2 3mm rings.

Do this all the way around till you only have 3 4mm rings unconnected.
Now slide the picks in and connect the remaining rings around them.
All connected!
I added these 2 4mm rings at the top because it was pretty loose and I didn't want the picks falling out.  Maybe you could stack a couple more picks, or maybe use slightly smaller rings, or less rings, I'm still working out the kinks, but I'm very satisfied with this one!

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