Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Simple Mani & Guitar Pick Pendant

So, I really didn't feel like doing much to my nails, so I figured french tips!
Lacey Lilac and a sticker!
So on to my real post, Guitar pick pendant!  I'm so excited about this, I actually got the idea out of this jewelry magazine that my papaw gave me, Art Jewelry I think it's called it has a lot of wire jewelry and such but this is the only project that caught my eye.
This was very tedious wor, but I'm so happy with the way it turned out.  I didn't know if it was gonna be good so I didn't take pictures along the way.  I'll deff be making more so expect a tutorial soon!
These are just some old picks, but I really want to go look for really awesome ones!
The back can be awesome too so it could be reversible.
Oh I just love it, I'm giving it to my buddy Matt bc he supplied the picks, can't wait to make more!


  1. Umm, that's what she said hahahaa

  2. I just found your blog when I searched for 'Sally Hansen Mint Sorbet' in google and this really cute mani came up with like purple and mint dots and I can't find it now! :( but love your blog though, following! :D