Sunday, March 20, 2011

More Followers!!!!

So I have a total of 16 followers (love each and every one of you!), which has to be some kind of record lol.  I want more followers, but how I usually add every new one that I see if I like it.  I been trying to comment often but sometimes I just look at new stuff and forget to comment, but I'm trying to change that, I love comments and I'm sure everyone else does also!
So anybody got any tips for how to increase my number of followers, I do wish this site had notifications, like when you get new followers or when someone comments!  Feedback please!


  1. I don't know much about getting followers, but when new people comment on my posts I like to see if they also have blogs and end up following some of them.
    You can set up your blog to send you an email whenever you get a comment. (Settings Tab --> Comments --> Comment Notification Email)

  2. Here are some tips: - absolutely don't spam your blog! - show people that you put lots of attention to your blog, like updating regulary, people like to read something new everytime when they visit your blog.

    Ofcourse following other blogs and commenting works too, by most of the blogs you can leave your blogadress or commenting with your googleaccount will directly link to your blog.
    Sometimes it takes a little more time to recieve more followers, just don't give up and make sure you'll enjoy blogging!

  3. Oh I do enjoy it and I don't plan on stopping I update every few days. I did know that it tells you in email but I never check my email, thanks guys!

  4. just found your blog and i love it!..i hope you get more followers =)