Saturday, February 12, 2011

New Mani and One Crafty Day!

This mani was supposed to be more V-dayish but it actually reminds more of Hannah Montana or something, even so I've been wanting to try Sally Hansen's Xtreme Wear-Celeb City, and it's fabulous! 
So Celeb City, Orly-Purple Pleather, and Avon SpeedDry-Strawberry, and some nail stickers of course.
Today, I feel like I've been crafting like crazy, thought I'd share a few things.
So Thursday was Girl's Night, and we made these button rings (thanks Dee!), sooooo cute, and it's my bff's b-day, so I really wanted to make her a couple.

Start with a piece of elastic of a comfortable width, the thinner ones seem more comfortable to me, I had to cut mine in half.  Measure around the finger you want to wear it with a little bit of excess.

Do a few stitches to make it a loop, you can tie off and cut but it's really easier to just keep going.

Add a button.

And another!
And bing-bong, button rings, 15 min craft project, I can't stop making them!

Then I made a bow ring, with the elastic, it's a little bigger than I meant, but I actually like it's massiveness. 

And finally a duct tape ring, all duct tape, also inspired by Deeanna.


  1. What happened to craft night? p.s. I love everything

  2. Craft night!!! We gotta do it, whenever!