Friday, February 4, 2011

Craft Organization!

Short post, but I have nothing else to write about and I really want to post something!  So I've been wanting to get one of those big plastic drawer things to store my craft stuff in, mine has been a little unorganized lately and it's been driving me CRAZY!  Walmart had them on sale for $12, I was extra excited!!!  So I went searching for everything crafty I own, it seems like it took me all day, lol.  Also, I dont really have any floor space available, so I cleared out a space in my closet and it fit in perfect, my closet was also in need of some rearranging, double whammy!  Also, my dad surprised me with a new glue gun (the one I've been using is ancient and a tad bit sketchy) and a huge bag of gluesticks to add to my new drawers, deff gonna be breaking that in soon!
Wish I had have thought to take a before picture, lol, it was awful
Mostly tools and paper

Beads and string

Odds and ends, ribbon, glue, glitter!
So yay!!!!  Very exciting, I've been wanting to do this for a while, and going through all my stuff gave me tons of ideas!!  Now I have to find another place to keep my yoga ball bc I refuse to deflate it.

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