Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Flaming Fun!

So I'm in love love love with Mod Podge, I've been using it for all kinds of projects, today I covered some lighters! 
So I bought a 5 pack of regular Bics for about $3, and a 3 pack of minis for $2, you will also need scrapbook pages (or any paper really, newspaper, comics, or candy wrappers would be cool), Mod Podge, scissors, ruler, plain paper, and a pencil

So measure the lighter top to bottom, I forgot to remember the measurements, my b, to get the distance around, I just used some scrap paper, cut it the top to bottom length, then cut it with a little overhang as a template for the regular and the mini.  Cut out the square from your fancy paper of choice.

Check and make sure it fits.

Put on a generous layer of Mod Podge 

Slowly wrap around your lighter, then paint a little more Mod Podge on the end to glue it down as well.

Another layer of MP to seal it in, now let dry, till it's clear.

Be careful when placing your paper, to avoid this tragedy :( 

Dry, and all done, your very own custom lighter, super easy!

Trip Pics!  I finally found the ones from my camera!

Our tiny tiny room (aka our "cell"), that's one of my cellmates, my cousin Chase, we made him sleep on the sketchy top bunk!

Most ridiculous bathroom ever, the shower was half this size!

Fancy dinner, we were all very out of place!

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