Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Throw Some Glitter Make It Rain!

So, I kind of always love when a project fails but turns into something better!  So anyways I ended up with the Mod Podge out, and somehow, the glitter snuck out as well.  I have this wallet that is so fabulously red glittery, like Dorothy's slippers!  My friend Carmela loved it, and she needs a new wallet so I decided to try and recreate it.
So this is the old ugly granny wallet!

This is the look I want to achieve, so sparkly!

I so love Mod Podge, expect many more projects!

So I thought of a few different methods, but I researched and discovered you can add glitter straight into your MP, so I wanted to see how that turned out!  I used one of those medicine measurement cups to mix, and just kept adding glitter till I thought it was enough.

So, it was extra glittery, I just painted it on and let it dry.

This is one coat, glittery, but deff not what I wanted, I decided to paint over it again with plain MP and then sprinkle glitter onto wet MP, let dry, shake off excess glitter, then do another think layer to seal it all in.

So here is my finished project, copy cat on the right, one I bought on the left (Rue 21).  I had trouble capturing how glittery they are with my camera, but it turned out pretty amaze, except it doesn't have that super glossy look, and you can see the snake/croc skin design still.  All in all I'm pretty happy with it, hope Mela likes it!

My new fav hairstyle!  Waterfall french!
Trip pics!
I'm very upset that the pictures I took are missing, these are from my mom's camera!

This is our ship, The Monarch Of The Sea, it was huge!

Lighthouse we passed pulling into Nassau, Bahamas.

Fruit Daiquiri  in a Pineapple, yum!

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