Thursday, January 31, 2013

Long Time No Post

Wow, it's been forever, but I really want to get back into the blog thang!  I acrtually want to try and start selling things that I make, perhaps online or locally, I'm not sure, and I don't know how to get started, suggestions welcome!

I've actually been on a crochet kick since before Christmas, here are a couple projects I've done recently.

Super cute potholder I just whipped up for a friend's apartment warming.  It's 2 strands of cotton yarn, and I did sc, sk 1, ch 1, this picture seems very blurry, but I've really been trying to wing stuff and do my own thing instead of only follow patterns.

 This is actually a pattern I found at Rheatheylia called The Lattice Hat, so cute, she has other super cute patterns also, check them out!  I made this for myself, I love that yarn, but it's just so thick I don't like the way it looks on, I made one for my dad and he loves it.  Also, the hook suggestion made a smaller hat, I used I and H for this one, but I crochet pretty tight.

 I jumped on the Sashay bandwagon as well, I made this for my cousin, I'll put up a tutorial soon.

 So these gorgeous infinity scarfs are from All About Ami, she also has tons of super cute patterns, for free of course.  These are 2 strands of regular 4 ply acrylic yarn with a k hook I believe.  I saw the pattern and had to make it right then, but I didn't have any super bulky, so I improvised.  The grey is the pattern exactly, the off white is skinnier and a bit longer. 

 I did make a super bulky one eventually, it's so big and luxurious, it cost about 11 bucks to make, and I don't love the color on me as much as I thought, but I'm still wearing it!  See how much bigger it is than the regular yarn, I love it.

I'm so addicted to making these, they're so easy and pretty fast, like a few hours.  I made this teal one for a friend, it's a bit skinnier and longer like the off white one.

Here's the teal one on, I need one of these also, the two strands of 4 ply give it a little more structure, the super bulky just kind of oozes onto your shoulders, I love them both!

So I've been trying to blog with my tablet, it's an Asus Transformer, and I can write and everything, but I can't upload pictures, it takes great pictures, I'm very upset about it, anybody blog from a tablet??????

That's all for now, thanks for reading, bye guys!

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