Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Nail Disaster!

I just did my first craft post, but I also have some nail stuff to post aboutSo, me and my friend Hollie usually do our nails together and if I'm gonna use tape or plan on doing something special, I do a base color earlier in the day so it can be good and dry for the next step(s).
This is a new polish I got about a week ago, Avon Nailwear Pro in Blue Lagoon (love the name!).  It's so pretty, but pretty sheer, almost a 3-coater, it's also my current toe color.
Added my topcoat and was pretty satisfied with it, but still feeling a little impatient and also didn't follow my "potty before you polish" rule.  So I waited a little longer and felt pretty confident that I was safe to do whatever, WRONG, successfully pulled my pants down and up and even no problems with the zipper then I turn and scrape my nails up against the sink, destroying every one on the right.  Very frustrated, I just said whatevs and redid them, totally different later at Hollie's.  I didn't love my new mani but I was content, but then I get home and this happens!
Broken corner, and I'm extremely OCD about such things so I had to cut it :( which means I had to cut them all :(:(:(  Also, details about this mani that I was not so excited about...two coats Sinful Colors-Dream On, two pieces of plumbers tape from corner to corner on both sides, Nicole by OPI-No Limits in the triangle area, it was very uneven so I tried to fix it up with my handy glitter striper, FAIL!
I really dislike short nails on myself and have been keeping them pretty long lately, and they were so strong!  That's why I was so upset about the break, but oh well, they will grow back and pretty fast I have magnificent nail growing powers!
So my little tiny baby nails inspired me to do Crayola-ish nails.  I used Sally Hansen Xtreme wear in Deep Purple(thumb) and Going Green, Sinful Colors in GoGo Girl(red), Pure Ice in French Kiss(blue), and Avon Nailwear Pro in Sunshine(yellow).  Then I added black tips, I really like them, a lot!

Also, some Halloween leftover nail stickers, I think they were Kiss brand, I love the bat on the pinky, very Batman!  Also, excuse my non-professional clean up jobs, and the dates on some of the pictures, idk what was going on with my camera.  That's all for now, comments please!!!!


  1. Great save on the freshly cut nails. They actually seem longer than they are in the crayola mani.

  2. I love the Batman!!!! I'm still sad for you about breaking them.

  3. Thanks ABOP, your nails are lllooonnnggg, are they yours? Also, love your blog!!!

    Hollie, I'm pretty sad too, they already seem longer, and make a blog!!!

  4. I signed up i don't wanna do anything without good pictures. :(