Tuesday, January 25, 2011


So...first real post, nothing super special, but still pretty awesome.  My friend Hollie made one of these and I just had to make myself one, with my new Zebra duct tape of course.  So simple, empty Kleenex box, I pulled off the plastic that holds the tissues in there, and cover with tape.  Had a little trouble folding over into the oval shaped opening, but it still turned out nice.  So I'm calling this the Hollie Hairthingy Holder, triple H, or H3, super cute!
So I also really love that the inside is kind of reflective, I think it's because they were the Kleenex with Vick's in them, but idk, I don't think all of them are like that on the inside.
 Yay first real post, wooooooohooooooo!


  1. I'm sad mines not shiney inside!!!!

  2. I know, I guess it's just the Vick's ones, crazy, thanks for commenting, I have 4 followers now, haha!