Monday, January 31, 2011

Capri Sun Box box with lid

So, a few girl's nights ago, we exchanged homemade gifts, I got some super cute hairbows from Deeanna, the box she gave them to me in was made out of a Capri Sun boxes.  So that inspired me and I started saving the drink pouches for a future project, and I had all these boxes so I decided to make some.  I absolutely love boxes and containers, for real like crazy!!!  So here's how I did it:
You will need:
At least 2 Capri Sun or Kool Aid Jammers boxes
Xacto or scissors (the cardboard is thick, it was easier with the xacto knife)
Cutting board ( I don't have a good work surface so I had to do it on the carpet)
Hot Glue gun
Fancy duct tape

Start by opening up the box, it should be pretty easy and you can just do it with your hands.
Then, I just cut at the folds
Measure out your pieces to the size you want.  I was disappointed that it actually took 2 boxes to get the right size pieces but you can get 2 out of 3.
My box square was 4in x 4in and the walls were 4in x 5-1/2in, My lid square was 4-1/4in x 4-1/4in and  the walls were 4-1/4in x I don't remember the measurement but I used the flaps from the original box and trimmed them and it worked out nice.  Make sure your lid square is slightly bigger than the box square or it wont fit, it could stand to be a little bigger than what I made mine but it still worked.
Start your gluing, I glued the walls to the base first then glued the edges together.
Done gluing, lol at my shoes in the background
Then I used the duct tape to cover the raw edges, and finished!
I made a few, I like them so much, I like the Kool Aid ones more, because they're more colorful, Grape with Zebra is my fav! 


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